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16th January 2014

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Blacksad by Juanjo Guarnido

Allow me to recommend this graphic novel again because Blacksad is AMAZING. Detective Noir which actually includes and addresses stuff like radical racist groups and segregation, corrupt politicians, drug addiction and loss and mental illness. Seriously. It’s so good.

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11th March 2013

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“Captain America has no business being on this squad, I mean he’s just like ‘Come on, guys!’ Iron Man is shooting f**king missiles and Thor is calling out lightning and Hulk is ripping apart jets and I’m like, taking the stairs.” [x]

Still my favourite

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11th March 2013

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Time-lapse Images of Nude Dancers Created with 10,000 Individual Photographs by Photographer Shinichi Maruyama 

Damn it tumblr, i missed you… freaking awesome.

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11th March 2013

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5th November 2012

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Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn’t carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life.

-Stephen King

I just can’t not reblog this


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9th September 2012

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I wasted a few minutes trying to remember what episode of Doctor Who this related to and then realized it was about Titanic…

After reading it was about Titanic, all I could think was neither Rose or Jack are in the episode with the Titanic…. then I got it.


I wasted a few minutes trying to remember what episode of Doctor Who this related to and then realized it was about Titanic…

After reading it was about Titanic, all I could think was neither Rose or Jack are in the episode with the Titanic…. then I got it.

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8th September 2012

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I just thought it was so romantic—the idea that you don’t need to be loved in return in order to love something or someone. Love can come from you. It doesn’t have to be reciprocal. People love their cars. People love all kinds of things, and they really love them. And we don’t really value that kind of love because it’s not a real, reciprocal kind of love, but it’s real love to them.
Ryan Gosling, on.. Lars and the Real Girl (via dan-kyte)

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29th August 2012

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Reblog if you get it











Took me a sec, but I got it.

Well don’t tag it to let everybody knOW!

i thought i was everything pink. thats why i got confused.

This took me a lot longer than it should have been to figure it out.

really think about it Jordan…

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27th July 2012

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Please read! 

I love making crafts and i love WhoLock and i love my followers!
So, nothing is better than a huge giveaway for you all! :D
Every single item in this giveaway is HANDMADE with love,you can also find these items on my etsy shop! ~

(Ok Sara,now shut up, what can we get?) I decide to make THREE prizes for this giveaway!When it will end, i’ll randomly pick three winners : 

  1. the FIRST WINNER decides his/her prize from the three
  2. the SECOND WINNER decides his/her prize from the remaining two
  3. the THRID WINNER gets what’s left !



 My version of the River Song’s journal with a blue wooden box which recalls the Tardis’ sign! The journal is entirely handmade and it has 50 old-looking pages!


 If those little figures remember you something…yes,they are a polymer clay ‘replica’ of GeoTheBio’s lovely Sherlock poster!They are magnets, and they will come with a 221b Baker Street diary, full of prints and quotes from the books, an “I Owe You” apple necklace and a 221B necklace!Everything handmade by me C:


 This tiny blue box has a Tardis sign on it!And inside you will find a Fez keychain, a Tardis sign necklace and a red Bowtie necklace! Again, everything designed and made by me :D

R U L E S ! ! !

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  • you don’t really have to follow me,but - 
  • oh,thank you Benedict ♥
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  • i ship worldwide ,like my otps
  • make sure your askbox is open when it ends so i can contact you

I’d like to thank each one of my followers who accepted to deal with my daily madness.
Thank you !


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27th July 2012

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What if your alarm clock was Tom Hiddleston’s voice.




Dear heart, I know you’re tired, but please, you must wake up. Don’t want to be late for class, now do we?

Snooze? Is that a good choice, love? Well, I suppose a few more minutes won’t hurt. 

Hello, love. Please please please can you wake up for me? You’ve pressed snooze two times already, and we all know third time’s the charm. Come on, my dear - rise and shine like the beautiful star you are. 

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